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Our mission is the promotion the sport of lawn bowling in Tacoma and Pierce County, managing the lawn bowling program for Metro Parks Tacoma, and maintaining an environment that promotes social inclusion and friendly competition.

The Tacoma Lawn Bowling Club was reestablished in 2017 by a new generation of leadership that exemplifies the transition of the sport in the United States. The focus has shifted from exclusivity and etiquette, to community, camaraderie, and equality. While play itself follows centuries old rules, club rules are far simpler: bring a smile and no judgement. ​We hope you'll join us.



Lawn bowling, or bowls, is an exciting game of skill, strategy and steel will, steeped in a rich history. Documented play dates back to 13th century England, and both Richard II and Edward III banned the sport to some degree to focus on the training of war or limiting play to nobility. 

Sir Francis Drake famously finished his game, albeit a loss, on the green at Plymouth’s Hoe in Devon, prior to his incredible victory against the Spanish Armada in 1588. The sport, still well-played throughout the Commonwealth of Nations, is now beginning its resurgence in the United States. Traditionally played only by seniors in their whites, the next generation of lawn bowlers are breathing new life and excitement into the sport.

The Tacoma Lawn Bowling Club, started in 1929 by Scottish immigrant Alexander ‘Sandy’ Drummond, went defunct in 2014 due to lack of marketing and inability to attract new members. Freshly reestablished in 2017, and thereby preserving the club’s 88-year history, the new generation of leadership exemplifies the transition of the sport in the United States.


The new culture of bowls in the Pacific Northwest is exciting, loud, and intense. The competition continues to ramp up, and is now attracting prominent members of the community including mayoral candidates, parks commissioners, young professionals, aspiring entrepreneurs, and established businesspeople with wide-ranging connections. The greens are becoming more than a competitive arena, and now represent a perfect opportunity to network among like-minded individuals looking to leave their mark on the Tacoma community.


Laura Moscatello
Competition Chair
Greg McNeill
Equipment Chair
Kyleigh Palmer
Vice President
Russell Palmer
Instruction Chair
Dave Carter
Greens Chair
Mike Catsi
Ayla Janukajtis
Marketing Chair
Mike Catsi
Northwest Division Representative
Amanda Nino
Laura Moscatello
Northwest Division Representative


Since 1936, the historic green at Wright Park has been a location of good sportsmanship where opponents and teammates are respected, regardless of the outcomes. Games begin with a handshake as a sign of respect, and we request that you refrain from celebrating an opponent’s poor shot; and be mindful of what you say when you have one of your own, there may be young children on the next rink!


Treat this historic green with respect as well; please don’t spit or wear damaging footwear on the playing surface. Dogs must remain under control and off the playing surface.  Cell phones should be silenced and not interfere with maintaining pace of play. 


Most importantly, the green is a location where all are equal. We require that you treat every person with dignity and respect. Discriminatory or disrespectful behavior of any kind will not be tolerated and program management reserves the right to ask offending bowlers to leave.

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