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2020 Club Members, you must agree to follow all COVID Protocols outlined below if you wish to bowl this year. An agreement must be signed prior to starting your first session. We know this is a lot, but we greatly appreciate your support in keeping our Club safe and operational as we bring back bowls this season.


In order to play or pass through the gates, YOUR MUST RESERVE A RINK TIME! We are currently limited to only 10 participants on the green at once, and we must maintain the capability to contact trace. An email with reservation instructions will be sent to your email provided during Membership signup. If you did not receive it, please contact us.

You can reserve one weekday bowling time, and one weekend bowling time. Please sign up with a partner or in a group of four. Singles will be by waiting-list only. There are only 10 slots per session.



Tuesday, 6:00 pm - 7:45 pm (or dark)

Thursday, 6:00 pm - 7:45 pm (or dark)

Saturday, 3:00 pm - 4:45 pm

Saturday 5:00 pm - 6:45 pm


Please understand, operations to include hours, length of sessions, access to the green, and bowlers per session are subject to change as the season progresses. These changes are outside of the Club's control, but we must abide by them. 




2020 Club Bowling and Metro Parks Tacoma Programming
Club Bowls

A limited version of Club Bowls can begin Saturday, August 15th following the previously established club night bowls schedule with Metro Parks Tacoma. TLBC will significantly limit and tightly control access to the green to ensure proper social distancing and adherence to safety protocols. Only 10 bowlers will be permitted on the green at one time to maintain appropriate social distancing. Members of the TLBC must sign up for a rink time prior to time of game play. A limited number of sign ups per week will be established based on the number of members in the club to ensure equitable access to the green for all participants.

Members will all be emailed a copy of the green protocols and must reply that they have read and will abide by them while participating in bowls.

One member of TLBC will be designated to serve as the COVID Supervisor, issuing and disinfecting equipment, directing players to their rinks in an expedient manner to prevent social gatherings, ensuring all protocols for safe gameplay are adhered to, and engaging with visitors outside of the playing area to further support social distancing. The COVID Supervisor shall wear a mask at all times while on the green.

Tacoma Lawn Bowling Club Protocols

Protocols within the green

The green shall remain closed to visitors and not more than 10 people are permitted. Only participants with an assigned rink time will be allowed inside the playing area.

Game Set-up and Play

  • -  Per social distancing guidelines, all players must remain a distance of 6’ from one another

    before, during, and after play.

  • -  Participants will not gather in or near the clubhouse. Games will begin as people arrive to limit

    congestion in communal areas

  • -  Establish additional space between rinks of 6’

  • -  Keep to individual practice, singles, or pairs. No triples or rinks

  • -  Jacks: Pre-set the jack (preferred) OR only allow one person to pick up/handle the jack for the

    entire game. Sanitize the jack before and after play

  • -  Mats: One player will be assigned the role of touching and placing the mat. Mats shall not be

    adjusted during play. Mats will be sanitized after use

  • -  Rakes: Do not use rakes (preferred) OR designate one person to touch and use the rake for the

    entire game. Sanitize the rake before and after play

  • -  Measuring: Limit to one designated person for the entire game without touching the jack or

    bowls. Sanitize the measure before and after play

  • -  Bowls: Players should touch and handle their own bowls for the duration of play. Bowls should be sanitized before and after play

  • -  Club will designate one (1) person for equipment distribution and collection each open evening

  • -  Club will designate a COVID Supervisor to be on site for the duration of the play

    Personal Hygiene

  • -  Hands should be sanitized before and after play (club will provide hand sanitizer)

  • -  No shaking of hands before and after game play

  • -  No spitting or licking of fingers

  • -  Use a clean towel each game. Take home and launder used towels

  • -  Masks will be required by participants, the COVID Supervisor and anyone associated with TLBC while play is in session.

The TLBC will provide all necessary sanitation products, per CDC and DOH guidelines, for both participants and equipment. Participants will be required to be wearing a mask upon entering the green. If you have any questions regarding these protocols or the Club, please contact us.

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