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Ready to try lawn bowling? - Here's how!

Come on down the green at beautiful Wright Park in Tacoma's historic Stadium District. Conveniently located at the corner of 6th Ave and Yakima Ave, finding the green and a parking spot is easy.

Trying a new sport can bring some initial trepidation. How do I play, what do I need, and how bad will I be when I first start? Worry not, new bowler! The Tacoma Lawn Bowling Club will have you up and bowling in no time. Here is a quick Q&A that should address the most common items for first-time bowlers.

What do you need to start bowling? Flat-soled shoes and a smile! The green itself is natural grass, so heels or sharp spikes will leave dents or marks that may affect the bowl's path of travel. If you have any health concerns or issues with your back, shoulder, knee, etc, please consult your healthcare provider to make sure it's okay to lawn bowl.

Do I need to own or bring any equipment? Nope! The club will provide you with everything you need. When you arrive, a club member will help you pick the right size bowls.


How do I to learn to play? Here is a great overview of the basics of lawn bowling via Bowls USA's website. Watching a video or two on YouTube will also help, but the best way to learn is come out to the green and try it yourself. Check out our new learn to bowl programs beginning in the spring of 2019 to get the best introduction to the sport.

Do I need to be a club member to bowl? Not at all! The club manages the program through Metro Parks Tacoma, and club membership and greens fees are separate. Greens fees are paid to Metro Parks Tacoma, and provide access to the green during our assigned times. Greens fees are mandatory for play.

Can I play socially, or is this a competitive environment? The green is first and foremost a social environment. We strive to keep play that way as well. Of course, competitive nature may increase during tournaments and league play compared to the open bowl nights and learning environments.

What is the playing surface? The green at Wright Park is a natural surface, so there are imperfections in the playing surface. Based on the time of day and weather, the conditions, including how quickly the bowls will roll, will change.

What facilities does the club have, and what are its open hours? The club runs the lawn bowling program through Metro Parks Tacoma, so the green is only open during specific hours. Check out the pages under the schedule tab for more information. The green has a small clubhouse for personal items, as well as equipment storage. There are public bathrooms located in Wright Park a short walk from the green.

Is the club affiliated to the national governing body? Yes! Tacoma Lawn Bowling Club is a member of the Northwest Division and BowlsUSA.

What are the costs associated with bowling? The cost structure is designed to encourage people to try out the sport, and offers a few options for commitment level to suit any type of bowler. Greens fees, either one-day or for the entire program, are required for play. Membership is separate from greens fees.

1. A one-day access fee of $10 can be paid at the green on Saturday nights only and is valid for one session.

2. A program fee of varying prices (from $35-$60) grants admission to all sessions in the program. Check out the schedule tab for more specific information.

3. Tacoma Lawn Bowling Club membership is $50 per year, and supports the sport of lawn bowling in Tacoma. This does not include greens fees, but allows entry into Northwest Division and BowlsUSA sanctioned tournaments.